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Virtuemart 2 Template FlexibleMart Hot Plugin  Plugin 
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Developer: Mustafa Version: 1.1
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Views: Hits: 3650 License: GPLv2 or later
    Type: Commercial
    Date Added: Date added: 2012-01-29 18:33:00

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Virtuemart 2 Template FlexibleMart

Template is tested on Joomla2.5.1 + Virtuemart2.0.2 (both of them are the latest versions)

Template Features:

  • Zoom Effect Extension is Built-in and comes with Template for free! (Normally we are selling this awesome extension for $30)
  • 2 different Category Browse Page Layouts.
  • 3 different Product Detail Page Layouts.
  • Switch button for Thumbnail View or List View in category browse page. (this fature makes our template unique!!)
  • Custom made Shopping Cart and Checkout Steps Design. (this feature makes our template unique!!)
  • Uniquely created add to cart / notify me / ask question / etc.. buttons
  • Fully international and ready for non-english websites. It grabs words from Virtuemart Language File.
  • CSS3 Techniques have been used. Make Custom Changes with Simple CSS Touches!
  • PDF Instruction Manual Comes with the Template ZIP file, You should Read it first!


Several weeks after the release of VM 2.0, Flexible Web Design has finally finished the design for the VM 2.0 template. The team had designed an awesome theme for VM 1.9 which received spectacular feedback. But more recently the question has been , “When are you going to create a new template which will support VM2.0?”  Well hey guys!! Here is the good news! It’s HERE- the template for VM 2.0 is now released.

As you probably already know, unlike VM 1.1.9, Virtuemart 2 no longer uses the Theme system; it uses the View Folder and Default.php  for each page instead. Basically Virtuemart and Joomla are now very similar as regards applying templates. This does make things a little bit complicated in that it gives us a little less freedom and flexibility - which of course is the whole rationale underpinning our company name! Originally, Virtuemart and Joomla were completely separate so you weren’t stuck with a limited number of Virtuemart+Joomla complete packages. But now, installing your Virtuemart theme will change the layout of both your Joomla and your Virtuemart.  The all-in-one sounds good at first, but have a think and ask yourself:

  • How many people are using Joomla? Millions.
  • How many people are using Virtuemart as Ecommerce software? Millions
  • How many templates (free or commercial) are available for Joomla? Billions
  • How many template (free or commercial) are available for Joomla+Virtuemart? Only  a few :(

Having to choose from so few Virtuemart+Joomla packages really sucks, doesn’t it.

Which is where we come in. The second piece of good news is that WITH OUR VIRTUEMART 2.0 TEMPLATE YOU WILL KEEP ON USING YOUR OWN JOOMLA TEMPLATE. Our fantastic template WILL ONLY CHANGE  THE LAYOUT OF YOUR VIRTUEMART SECTION!  So, it works just like a Virtuemart theme. How awesome is that??

Take a look and see how just awesome our new template is!!
To check it out, please click the link here: Virtuemart 2 Template DEMO

User Reviews (1)
good themplate
by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on February 7, 2012
a good themplate, in spite of the "Core Hack".
excellent technical support!!!
Owner's reply
i should make a correction that, our template doesn't include any "Core Hack" at all, unfortunately the user has used a wrong word of "Core Hack" while he was trying to say something good.
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