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Developer: Dmitry Sevostyanov Version: 3.1.0
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    Type: Commercial
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Photo Order Plugin

Aurigma Photo Order Plugin is a solution to build a website for online photo print orders based on VirtueMart. It will let your users upload photos they are going to order, specify the number of prints they would like to get, the print format and the preferred paper type.

Aurigma Photo Order Plugin is the right solution if you have a small photo finishing company and you are not ready to invest much into the development of online photo ordering solutions. You just need to install VirtueMart on your server, add Aurigma Photo Order and you’re ready to collect photo orders.

One of the most important features of Aurigma Photo Order solution is a client photo uploader. This client component has a user-friendly interface and enables multiple file uploading. Using this tool your clients can order full sets of photos for printing at one click. Aurigma Photo Order solution is available in a source code. Nevertheless the core functionality - image upload component – is a commercial product. This product is called Aurigma Image Uploader. To use it as a part of Photo Order solution a license key is required.

The solution has close integration with VirtueMart product catalog, so you can use it not only to get orders for photo printing but also for any other photo products such as: T-shirt, canvas, photo mugs and so on.

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