• The complete license is distributed along with the software in a license.txt file. This is just an overview! Some plugins are delivered in GPL2, others in GPL3. The VirtueMart Core is not an iStraxx code, but of the VirtueMart community and is of course GPL!
  • Some of our software products, or parts, are still sole property of istraxx UG (haftungsbeschränkt). Licenses are granted per installation.
  • In this case, you are not allowed to copy, sell, or modify the code of the software, except for your personal use. This means you are allowed to adjust the code for a specific requirements. If you don't use our software anymore and have uninstalled it, you are allowed to sell your own license to someone else.


  • Your purchase includes one year of updates (5 downloads within 30 days) and support.


  • Please look at our product documentation link first. We provide help as time permits in our public forum at
  • Individual support for our products is given via the contact page at support-updates. Do not use our paypal email address. If you don't receive a reply, you might be blocked by the contact form spam protection. In this case just write to the sender address printed on the invoice for your software product.
    • In your email, include your order number.
    • If we ask you for an administrator access on your web site, create a specific user for us. When the problem is fixed block or remove the user.
    • Do a backup of your web site, before.


  • As long the software is not delivered, we can refund you.
  • If the software is already delivered, we refund you only when there is an unsolvable bug. In this case the granted license expires.
  • If there is an error in the software making it unusable, you must give us the chance to fix it, before you ask for a refund.
  • We are not responsible for malfunction of our software if other 3rd party extensions or own modifications (i.e. in templates, layouts, components, plugins) are involved in the malfunction.
  • We are not responsible for malfunction of our software if your system does not meet the stated minimum requirements (php, mysql, joomla, or virtuemart version).
  • We are not responsible for malfunction of our software if your system is not properly setup ("showing Error messages, notices, etc"). For this we have a manual and FAQ at If there are still questions we have a community driven forum at Consider that this forum is done by users for users, but you will find everything you need for a proper basic virtuemart installation.