Dear visitor, the team of iStraxx is currently in summer holidays until 28 7.

Glad to meet you,

You are one of many thousands of business gaining benefit from using our VirtueMart ecommerce component. As you can already see, all the core features / plugins and modules are free to use.

You will be pleased and assured to know that the project is constantly moving forward - delivering enhanced ecommerce features, security updates and support for new Joomla versions. 

As a retailer or developer/web agency you invest in your future to ensure business success, so consider becoming a VirtueMart supporter through a VM membership.

The Membership helps the project today and in future and supports continued infrastructure, development, security.

We wanted people to know that when they support the project they benefit from it as well   - so we added a small reminder message in the admin area of VM - All Membership supporters will see this message change to reflect their support and membership status, when you enter your membership ID.

If you can't help us out, no worries, just keep using all the VirtueMart features for Free - maybe you will come back here and support us in the future.

So how does it work? When you enter the virtuemart configuration screen, you see on the first tab the used domain and empty field to enter a key. Just order a Virtuemart Membership and enter the key delivered by email.

Buy VirtueMart Supporter Membership

VirtueMart Membership

Get access to the ecommerce suite and value added. Support the VirtueMart project with a sustaining membership and ensure the safety of your shops by a security maintenance membership. Get a discount of 20% on any iStraxx virtuemart software (excepts support) and relicensing of the membership for 15 months.
70,21 €
  • Subscription 12 months
  • For 1 domain
  • You may enter domains to register here, but you can also use the live registration, which will register any domain you want as long as you have free slots
  • Subscription 12 months
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Yearly Supporter Membership

It is easier than ever to write extensions for VirtueMart, but the core has become increasingly complex and the considerable labour required for fixing bugs and maintaining the core is an ever-growing challenge. The reason for this is the built-in abstraction level and its versatility. Therefore the VirtueMart team needs to raise funds in order to pay dedicated developers to work exclusively on the core. The Supporter Membership will sponsor a high quality of code development and professional testing.

Your membership helps to increase the reliability

New VirtueMart releases can be tested for longer and more thoroughly by professional testers, which will improve the stability of new releases and as a consequence, also the stability and reliability of your store. The VirtueMart team will also improve the development activity and testing with developers of 3rd party extensions for VirtueMart in order to ensure full compatibility of all components in use.

With your membership you get added value

Members can download versions of VirtueMart which include some small bonus packs and enhancements. These bear the same license (GPL) as VirtueMart, so can be used on as many websites as you like. Currently the download includes:

  • Extra language module to make multilanguage with Joomla easier
  • Multilanguage vendor module (for legal requirements, Impressum)

Early Access

The memberversion is not different than the normal version. It is more like an early access version containing fixes reported by users and also new features payed by members. Any changes in the core files are sooner or later used in the standard version, also. All changes are in the same svn trunk as the main version.

Report bugs

Members can use our ticket system to report bugs. We will ensure the fixing of all security related bugs in Joomla(*), VirtueMart core and VirtueMart extensions. (If technically feasible and with reasonable effort. For example, it is not possible to fix the bcrypt bug for php versions below 5.3.10).

Reported bugs will be handled in order of priority and severity. Bugs reported by members gain a higher attention by tier and than those reported by our voluntary peer to peer system. The bug fixing will always take place as a gesture of goodwill and without acknowledging any legal obligation.

The membership is meant per year.


The joomla updater for VirtueMart works, but you need at least version 4.0.14. Just download the core one time manually from the Order/Download page.

(*) Joomla! is Trademark of Open Source Matters. The joomla in the fullinstaller is the same as offered at . Our fullinstaller has only a slightly different installation routine (Sampledata).