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Now integrated to the AIO
Determines the shipping costs according to arbitrary basic arithmetic expressions


Shipments, Checkout
24,33 €

Shipment Plugin for the Australia Post Postage Assessment Calculator v1.3 and 1.4.


Shipments, Checkout
24,33 €

Shipment plugin for Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. Employs the Fastway API.

Mondial Relay

Shipments, Checkout
59,00 €

For France, Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium. Create your shipments, and print your labels.

Percentage Shipping

Shipments, Checkout
47,46 €

Charge a shipping fee as a percentage of the total sales price

Charge a shipping fee based on the delivery mileage/distance

Pro Shipment

Shipments, Checkout
30,00 €

Based on rules, GeoIp locator, Spend X € more and get free shipping text. Shipment plugin for VirtueMart

Shipment for Virtual Products

Products, Product, Shipments
43,00 €

Plugin for selling downloads with VirtueMart 2 and 3.Ships virtual products (software, music, videos, books) to your customers.

Shipping by Rules

Shipments, Checkout

Allows the shop owner to determine shipping costs according to arbitrary sets of general rules


49,99 €

The ShipStation plugin exports your order details from VirtueMart and imports them into ShipStation. It also updates order statuses in VirtueMart as you complete shipments in ShipStation.

Modified standard shipment to allow add common brazilian table shipments in VM.

takes a list of alpha/alphanumeric postcodes instead of a numeric range.