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Advanced inventory manager

Orders, Back Office, Product
32,02 €

Save some precious time with this advanced inventory manager: bulk edit, ajax and barcode inventory editor

Advanced VirtueMart Invoices

Products, Back Office, Shopper & Order
63,75 €

Powerful component to create VirtueMart orders, issues PDF invoices, changes invoice layouts...inside VirtueMart admin panel.


Import & Export, Back Office, Product
119,90 €

Synchronize your Amazon Products/orders with Amamplace

Automated numbers

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Shopper & Order
19,90 €

Custom number formats - fill automatically displayed name, login name and password for registration process. Allows customisation of customer, invoice and order numbers by self defined formats.


Payments, Tools, Back Office, Checkout
45,75 €

Sales Tax Automation

Bundle EU Vat ID checker + MOSS Tax Synchroniser

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Checkout, Shopper & Order
85,00 €

Validates the EU VAT ID during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.


Products, Orders, Back Office
0,00 €

Spam protection for your VirtueMart store.

EV Security Watch

Tools, Back Office
46,33 €

Keep an eye on your visitors. Who is Good, who is Bad. Keep the bad guys away.

Speed Up Joomla - We are happy to announce our new Speed Optimization plugin for Joomla. Out of the box solution for your slow loading Joomla website.

Joomla Bookkeeping

Orders, Back Office, Shopper & Order

Fully featured Bookkeeping and accountancy extension which imports orders and customers from VirtueMart.

Language Manager for Virtuemart

Tools, Back Office, Product
35,68 €

Easily manage your Virtuemart translatable fields (name, description...)

Map Related Products

Back Office, Tools, Products
22,87 €

Multiple Images Upload

Tools, Back Office
34,45 €

Upload multiple images in backend at once.

Piwik for VirtueMart2

Statistics, Back Office
35,00 €

Tracks products detail and categories viewed, informations from your cart and on orders.


Product, Tools, Back Office, Shoppers
29,00 €

Rawforms enables custom forms by raw input. Modifies the product price on shopper input based on simple code snippet.

SEO Index Improved for Virtuemart

Products, SEO & SEF, Back Office
81,97 €

Would you like to improve your rankings in Google Search?
Do you want more pages in Google's index?

Shopper switcher

Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Checkout, Shopper & Order
19,90 €

Simulates being logged in as other user. Extend your VirtueMart with ability to change your shoppers.

Speed Up VirtueMart

Tools, Back Office
47,51 €

After great success of our wishlist extension, we are glad to announce SpeedBooster for VirtueMart.

Stock handle

Products, Tools, Back Office
18,30 €

Handle individual products stock when a gift basket is purchased

VirtueMart Migrator

Import & Export, Tools, Back Office
44,83 €

Migrate your VirtueMart and your whole Joomla website content.


Promotions, Back Office, Marketing
27,71 €

VirtueMart Application Programming Interface. Allow others to display and promote your VirtueMart products on their websites.


Import & Export, Back Office
30,52 €

CSV Bulk Product import/export/update for VirtueMart 3.


Templates, Back Office
20,00 €

VirtueMart 3 admin template VMADMINLAB will change the way that you will work with the VirtueMart 3 admin. It is fully responsive admin template.

Professional Backup Application for PHP/Mysql websites.


Promotions, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Shopper & Order
0,00 €

Make Your Customers Happy Again - Youstice’s new-generation online tool delivers fast and fair solutions to customer complaints.