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How do I get an update?

Fixes and smaller updates are povided for free within the subscription time. To download them

  1. Click on the link my orders
  2. Enter either your order number and password, or your account credentials
  3. Click on your order number

The link to the product is always the link to recent version.

How do I get support?

For products you bought

If you have problems with one of the products sold here, use our ticket system and you will be put in contact with the extension developer.

If you don't get an answer from the extension developer or other problems appear, please use our contact page.

Individual support/customization

For individual support like customization please use our ticket system to get a quote from iStraxx.

Support languages: English, German, French

Support for purchased extensions and indidual support for customization are both provided within our ticket system.


Tutorials about VirtueMart are available on and in the VirtueMart-Wiki.

Manuals or tutorials for the extensions are linked on the product pages on

Read this before asking for the warranted support!

Most problems arise due template overrides and 3rd party extensions. Thus, before contacting the support and claiming that something is not working, always try the extension without template overwrites first. You can easily disable them by renaming the com_virtuemart folder in joomlaRoot/templates/yourTemplate/html/ .

The warranted support does NOT cover problems due to your template overwrites or other 3rd party extensions. If we lose a lot of time due to this, we may invoice you. It is your duty to exclude errors created by modifications to the default virtuemart setup/installation.

What you get (license, support, updates and refunds)