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Customers Who Bought

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Analogue to the famous trick ‘customers who bought this also bought…’.

Extensions Specifications
license Type: GPLv2 or later
Languages included

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"Customers Who Bought ..." is a perfect Joomla! extension inspired by the famous cross-selling feature of The VirtueMart module "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" under the product description shows a range of products encouraging customers to purchase more than one item at a time.


You should install the component on the Joomla! site which has a VirtueMart store and select the products to be analyzed by the Customers Who Bought extension. 2 types of product statistics can be displayed in the "Customers who bought ...also bought this" VirtueMart module:

  • Real statistics. The module shows the products which were really bought together with one of the products from your site or after the sale. “Customers Who Bought” can display the delayed purchases made by the same customer but within different orders in the module too. To make it possible firstly you should set up the usual purchase delay time in the settings.
  • Unreal statistics. If you don't want to wait until the extension collects enough statistics, you can add some products to the statistics manually. Just click on the product name in the "Product analysis list" option and add the desired products to the "Manufactured Product" list.


It’s very easy to customize the "Customers Who Bought" module meeting your VirtueMart web store needs. The following options are available:

  • Select the Module title.
  • Decide how many products will be displayed on one page in the module.
  • Choose the total amount of products shown in module's pages.
  • Select if you want price to be displayed under the product images or not.
  • Show button "Add to cart" in the module.
  • Add tags cloud of the product categories.

The category tags cloud is adaptive to your orders statistics. As one of the selling categories becomes more popular, it will be displayed in a bigger font in the categories list of the tag cloud. The more products within the category, the bigger the name of the category will be set up. Thanks to the tags it’s much easier for customers to go through your store and enjoy shopping.

Start cross-selling products in your VirtueMart webshop right now!


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