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Stripe Checkout plugin for VirtueMart allows you to accept payments with the Stripe payment gateway. Joomla 5, Joomla 4, VirtueMart 4.2.+ and PHP 7.4, PHP 8.2+ compatible. Additional payment methods supported.
Stripe plugin for VirtueMart allows you to accept payments with the Stripe payment gateway. The plugin is Joomla 5, Joomla 4, VirtueMart 4.2+ and PHP 7.4, PHP 8.2+ ready. Additional payment methods supported.

VirtueMart Membership - Platin

Support, Renew Discount
298,00 €

Get access to the ecommerce suite and value added. Support the VirtueMart project with a sustaining membership and ensure the safety of your shops by a security maintenance membership. Get a discount of 30% on any iStraxx virtuemart software (excepts support) and relicensing of the membership.


249,99 €

The ShipStation plugin exports your order details from VirtueMart and imports them into ShipStation. It also updates order statuses in VirtueMart as you complete shipments in ShipStation.


Authorize.Net Accept

Payments, Checkout
42,00 €

The newest version of the Authorize.Net API which provides a secure PCI compliant solution.

Virtuemart plugin to automatically add buyers to or remove buyers from Joomla user groups or VirtueMart Shopper groups.

Advanced inventory manager

Orders, Back Office, Product
32,14 €

Save some precious time with this advanced inventory manager: bulk edit, ajax and barcode inventory editor

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart

Statistics, Orders, Shoppers, Tools
49,00 €

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart allows you to have a firm grasp and an exact depiction of what sales you make, who buys most, what your costs per sale are, what is your profitability, how your P&L looks and what your expenses are.

Now integrated to the AIO
Determines the shipping costs according to arbitrary basic arithmetic expressions

Advanced VirtueMart Invoices

Products, Back Office, Shopper & Order
63,99 €

Powerful component to create VirtueMart orders, issues PDF invoices, changes invoice layouts...inside VirtueMart admin panel.

Ajax Drop Down Cart

Products, Tools, Template
50,86 €

Powerful and user-friendly drop down cart swiftly revealing the products in the cart add-on module for your store.

Ajax Search Pro

Categories, Promotions, Product
40,21 €

The module will help your shoppers to easily find the products based on Keyword Search.

All about Categories

Categories, Template
12,90 €

Presenting categories has never been easier. This VirtueMart module allows you to present your categories in a module. It offers you many settings and different display.

All About Manufacturers

Manufacturers, Template
12,90 €

Presenting manufacturer has never been easier. This VirtueMart 2 module allows you to present your manufacturer in a module.

All About Products

Products, Template
12,90 €

Presenting products has never been easier. Display product on module positions. Create entries such as "Save €3.99 now!"


Import & Export, Back Office, Product
119,90 €

Synchronize your Amazon Products/orders with Amamplace

Atos Wordline

Payments, Checkout, Shopper & Order
69,00 €

ATOS SIPS wordline 2.0 payment

Attachment For VirtueMart

Products, Tools, Product
54,90 €

Attachment for VirtueMart product plugin allows the shop owners to attach multiple files on the product details page.


Shipments, Checkout
24,33 €

Shipment Plugin for the Australia Post Postage Assessment Calculator v1.3 and 1.4.

Autocomplete Search Plugin

Products, SEO & SEF, Template, Product
18,37 €

Start typing and your products will show up directly.

Automated numbers

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Shopper & Order
19,90 €

Custom number formats - fill automatically displayed name, login name and password for registration process. Allows customisation of customer, invoice and order numbers by self defined formats.


Payments, Tools, Back Office, Checkout
45,91 €

Sales Tax Automation

Barclaycard Online Payments

Payments, Checkout
42,00 €

Process Barclaycard Online Payments and ePDQ transactions.

Bronze Certification

500,00 €

This is the ticket for a seminar/workshop which certificates the graduates as being trained by the VirtueMart team. You can be listed on the VirtueMart page being a bronze certificated partner of VirtueMart 2.

Offer bulk discounts in your VirtueMart store when customers buy more than one of an item.

Bundle Catproduct + Catproduct Content

Products, Template, Product
52,98 €

Joomla content plug-in for showing a list of products in content with ability for adding multiple products to cart.

Bundle EU Vat ID checker + MOSS Tax Synchroniser

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Checkout, Shopper & Order
85,00 €

Validates the EU VAT ID during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.

Bundle MOSS Tax + VM Localise + Geolocator

Products, Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order, Checkout
29,80 €

Mini One Stop Shop taxes for EU. In case you want to export services within the EU you need this component to easily manage your European Vat rules

Bundle Shipment for Virtual Products + Module

Template, Product, Shopper & Order
49,00 €

Product bundle Download Module + Shipment for Virtual Products. Save 10€

Display a VirtueMart category menu with unlimited levels


Products, Product
32,99 €

Add multiple products to cart together with only one add-to-cart button.

Catproduct Content

Products, Template, Product
32,99 €

Joomla content plug-in for showing a list of products in content with ability for adding multiple products to cart.

Children custom field

Products, Product
9,18 €

List your children products directly in a table


Products, Orders, Back Office
0,00 €

Spam protection for your VirtueMart store.

Click Social Buttons

Products, Template, Marketing

Buttons for sharing a product on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Each service can be disabled in the settings.

Clone Order

Orders, Shopper & Order
13,77 €

Your clients have recurring orders? Make their life easier!

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