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Advanced inventory manager

Orders, Back Office, Product
32,38 €

Save some precious time with this advanced inventory manager: bulk edit, ajax and barcode inventory editor

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart

Statistics, Orders, Shoppers, Tools
49,00 €

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart allows you to have a firm grasp and an exact depiction of what sales you make, who buys most, what your costs per sale are, what is your profitability, how your P&L looks and what your expenses are.

Automated numbers

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order, Back Office
19,90 €

Custom number formats - fill automatically displayed name, login name and password for registration process. Allows customisation of customer, invoice and order numbers by self defined formats.

Bundle EU Vat ID checker + MOSS Tax Synchroniser

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Checkout, Shopper & Order
85,00 €

Validates the EU VAT ID during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.

Bundle MOSS Tax + VM Localise + Geolocator

Products, Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order, Checkout
29,80 €

Mini One Stop Shop taxes for EU. In case you want to export services within the EU you need this component to easily manage your European Vat rules


Products, Orders, Back Office
0,00 €

Spam protection for your VirtueMart store.

Clone Order

Orders, Shopper & Order
13,88 €

Your clients have recurring orders? Make their life easier!

EU Vat ID checker

Orders, Shoppers, Checkout, Shopper & Order
79,00 €

Validates the EU VAT ID during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.

Finalize Orders

Orders, Shopper & Order
13,88 €

Let your customers finalize or cancel a pending order

Joomla Bookkeeping

Orders, Back Office, Shopper & Order

Fully featured Bookkeeping and accountancy extension which imports orders and customers from VirtueMart.

Allow the user to add any donation amount to the price of a product. Can also be used to sell products, where the buyer determines the price.

VirtueMart HTML order emails

Orders, Template, Shopper & Order
9,99 €

Beautiful Html Order emails for VirtueMart.

VirtueMart Pending Orders Module

Orders, Checkout, Shopper & Order
0,00 €

Ever lost some customers or get duplicate orders because the payment failed?

VirtueMart Product Wishlist Plugin

Orders, Shoppers, Product, Shopper & Order
27,63 €

Joomla VirtueMart product Wishlist extension help customers add items in your store easily and save them in the cart as favorite items so they will buy those items in their next shopping visits

VM Cart Saver

Products, Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Checkout, Shopper & Order
39,00 €

Save your cart, add name and notes, edit cart. Preview saved cart. Offer a wishlist


Shoppers, Orders, Tools, Checkout, Shopper & Order
19,00 €

Localise your shoppers to virtuemart. The country is prefilled in the checkout process. Prices display directly country depended taxes.