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Ajax Search Pro

Categories, Promotions, Product
40,85 €

The module will help your shoppers to easily find the products based on Keyword Search.

Offer bulk discounts in your VirtueMart store when customers buy more than one of an item.

Customers Who Bought

Promotions, Tools, Marketing
45,71 €

Analogue to the famous trick ‘customers who bought this also bought…’.

Create Intelligent Promo Popups Easily and Quickly for VirtueMart and Joomla. No need to learn jQuery or other complex Javascript libraries. It is very easy now!

Linelab Countdown Timer

Products, Promotions, Marketing
20,00 €

Linelab Countdown Timer is a powerful Joomla plugin that allows you to insert Countdown Timer anywhere on your website. Increase your product sales by promoting special offers through Linelab Countdown Timer!

Product Scroller

Products, Promotions, Template, Product
15,00 €

The module displays Featured, Best Sales, Random and Latest products. Designed especially to boost mobile browsing experience. The best way to display selected products from VirtueMart 3.

Rich Appearance on Pinterest

Promotions, Marketing
22,48 €

70 million people can't be wrong. Use the power of Pinterest to grow your business now.

Shopper Group Changer

Promotions, Tools, Shopper & Order
41,98 €

Use your customers purchases to automatically assign them VIP status and use the full potential of VirtueMart's Shopper Groups.

VirtueMart plugin to automatically subscribe buyers to certain AcyMailing Lists, and to allow subscription to notifications on the product page.

Tempting Product Images

Products, Promotions, Template, Marketing
22,48 €

Display beautiful product image thumbs on sides of your website. This increases chance of sales.


Promotions, Back Office, Marketing
27,99 €

VirtueMart Application Programming Interface. Allow others to display and promote your VirtueMart products on their websites.


Promotions, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Shopper & Order
0,00 €

Make Your Customers Happy Again - Youstice’s new-generation online tool delivers fast and fair solutions to customer complaints.

YouTube Videos in Virtuemart

Products, Promotions, Template
22,48 €

Do you want to add YouTube Videos on your product pages? In fact, not just in products but EVERYWHERE in VirtueMart and Joomla.