Shopper Group Changer

Use your customers purchases to automatically assign them VIP status and use the full potential of VirtueMart's Shopper Groups.
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license Type: GPL2

This VirtueMart extension let's you use Shopper Groups in a brand new fashion. You can dynamically assign your customer to new Shopper Groups based on their purchases.

Shopper Groups is VirtueMart's way to segment your shoppers and let you assign specific products, prices, payment options and shipping rules based on your business needs.

On the administrator site, you can use multiple conditions to create new business rules for your customers.

For example:

  • you can determine that a customer who made a 200$ purchase should be assigned to the VIP Shopper Group that gives him a 10% discount on all future purchases.
vmsgc conditions
  • If that same shopper buys for less than 100$ in the following months you can downgrade them to the "default" user group automatically.

vmsgc list

You can customize the messages that the user will see in the purchase process.

vmsgc confirm

Finally, a tool that let's you use Shopper Groups to help you sell more products to your customer by giving them instant gratification to shop at your store.

What you get: this subscription includes 6 months of support and updates.


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