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Authorize.Net Accept

Payments, Checkout
42,00 €

The newest version of the Authorize.Net API which provides a secure PCI compliant solution.

Determines the shipping costs according to arbitrary basic arithmetic expressions

Atos Wordline

Payments, Checkout, Shopper & Order
69,00 €

ATOS SIPS wordline 2.0 payment


Shipments, Checkout
23,80 €

Shipment Plugin for the Australia Post Postage Assessment Calculator v1.3 and 1.4.


Payments, Tools, Back Office, Checkout
46,10 €

Sales Tax Automation

Barclaycard Online Payments

Payments, Checkout
42,00 €

Process Barclaycard Online Payments and ePDQ transactions.

Bundle EU Vat ID checker + MOSS Tax Synchroniser

Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Checkout, Shopper & Order
85,00 €

Validates the EU VAT ID during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.

Bundle MOSS Tax + VM Localise + Geolocator

Products, Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order, Checkout
29,80 €

Mini One Stop Shop taxes for EU. In case you want to export services within the EU you need this component to easily manage your European Vat rules

CyberMut - Monetico

Payments, Checkout
69,00 €

CyberMut version 3 is the payment solution for CIC and Crédit Mutuel, france and canada

EU Vat ID checker

Orders, Shoppers, Checkout, Shopper & Order
79,00 €

Validates the EU VAT ID during the checkout process, and assigns a new group to the shopper. Includes Geolocator for Joomla.


Shipments, Checkout
23,80 €

Shipment plugin for Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. Employs the Fastway API.

Payments, Checkout
0,00 €

Automatic assignment of bank transfers for Prepayment, Invoice Payment and COD

Mondial Relay

Shipments, Checkout
59,00 €

For France, Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium. Create your shipments, and print your labels.

Payment plugin allows you to collect credit card information online to manually process the payment offline.

Percentage Shipping

Shipments, Checkout
46,74 €

Charge a shipping fee as a percentage of the total sales price

Charge a shipping fee based on the delivery mileage/distance

Pro Shipment

Shipments, Checkout
30,00 €

Based on rules, GeoIp locator, Spend X € more and get free shipping text. Shipment plugin for VirtueMart

Sagepay Payments

Payments, Checkout
64,27 €

Accept SagePay payments through your VirtueMart store

SEPA Direct debit mandate

Payments, Checkout
59,00 €

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit Mandate is the solution for merchants selling goods within Europe.

Shipping by Rules

Shipments, Checkout

Allows the shop owner to determine shipping costs according to arbitrary sets of general rules

Shopper switcher

Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order, Checkout, Back Office
19,90 €

Simulates being logged in as other user. Extend your VirtueMart with ability to change your shoppers.

Stripe payment extension

Checkout, Payments
39,00 €
★ NOW Implement separate files for payment form and JavaScript ★ Add new setting Stripe type: Stripe.js API, for next Major update ★ Add backward compatibility for existing websites and customisations ★ ★ Payments authenticated using 3D Secure v1 (3DS1) with the current version of Puma-IT Stripe plugin for VirtueMart are in compliance with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in VirtueMart 3 & Joomla 3.x ! ★ ★ Includes Spanish, Italian and French language files, compatible with VirtueMart 3.2 and Joomla 3.8 ★ ★ This plugin has been successfully tested with Joomla 3.9.26 / 3.9.16 / 3.8.13, VirtueMart 3.8.8 / 3.6.10 / 3.4.2 ★ With Stripe, accept payments from anyone, anywhere!

Modified standard shipment to allow add common brazilian table shipments in VM.

Virtuemart One Page Checkout

Products, Checkout, Shopper & Order
48,33 €

One page checkout, as the name shows such carts occupy just a single page, has faster checkout time, anonymous checkout option, and reduced cart abandonment.

VirtueMart Pending Orders Module

Orders, Checkout, Shopper & Order
0,00 €

Ever lost some customers or get duplicate orders because the payment failed?

VM Cart Saver

Products, Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Checkout, Shopper & Order
39,00 €

Save your cart, add name and notes, edit cart. Preview saved cart. Offer a wishlist


Shoppers, Orders, Tools, Checkout, Shopper & Order
19,00 €

Localise your shoppers to virtuemart. The country is prefilled in the checkout process. Prices display directly country depended taxes.

takes a list of alpha/alphanumeric postcodes instead of a numeric range.

Worldpay Payments

Checkout, Payments
64,27 €

Accept WorldPay payments through your VirtueMart store