Dear visitor, the team of iStraxx is currently in summer holidays until 28 7.

Before you open a ticket, please check first!

=> Many bugs are rooted in non compatible layouts or 3rd party extensions, which break the java script. The VirtueMart configuration has a setting on the tab "Templates", there you can disable the overrides of your template at "Core Css Styles & Javascripts (only for experts) ". Check first if your problem disappears using the default layouts. If it works, ask your templater.

=> Sometimes a 3rd party extension like SEF or Caching interferes. Check first if it works disabling this extension. If it works ask the extension developers. It can happen that they just need a bit knowledge from our site, so you can provide us their feedback, if needed.

For shoppers of a 3rd party extension (any other product then membership):

Please select as department the developer of your product. If you do not find it, use the meta departments like "Billing","Tech Support"

For VirtueMart members:

If you have a question or encounter a bug, please visit our forum first. . First try the search, you can also use google, duckduckgo or similar to find answers for virtuemart on our forum. If you find no answer and your problem is not security related, then

Begin a forum thread, including the joomla and virtuemart versions and the used template. Then just describe your problem.

Some of them can be handled by different options, other "bugs" happen due misunderstanding of the background concept.

In case the bug is verified in the forum, and the head developer Milbo did not fix it directly, you may open a ticket here Please report also all security related issues over the ticket system and not the forum. In case of a bug open a ticket in the department "Tech Support". Please link your forum thread if available in the ticket. Thank you.



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