XCloner - Backup and Restore made simple!

Professional Backup Application for PHP/Mysql websites.

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Extensions Specifications
Joomla! 1.5 Compatible
Joomla! 1.7 Compatible
Joomla! 2.5 Compatible
Joomla 3 compatible
VirtueMart 2.6
VirtueMart 3
License type: GNU/GPL
Languages included

XCloner is a professional website Backup and Restore application designed to allow you to create safe complete backups of any PHP/Mysql website and to be able to restrore them anywhere. It works as a native Joomla backup component.

  • Complete Website Backup
    Backup your website files and databases, send them to the cloud, restore backups anywhere.
  • Automatic Backups
    Create automatic backups with the built in XCloner cron script, and send them to Amazon S3.
  • Secure
    XCloner has a built in security layer to protect and easily restore your website backups.
  • Restore Backups Anywhere
    Easily restore backups on any location compatible with your website by using the XCloner restore.
  • Open Source Support
    XCloner works as a native Joomla backup extension, Wordpress backup plugin and Standalone website backup application.
  • Professional support
    We offer Professional 24/7 support through the Free forums or Premium membership.


  • Backup and Restore any PHP/Mysql  website
  • Create custom backups
  • Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs
  • Restore your backups anywhere
  • Share your custom backups with your clients
  • Store you backups on the Amazon S3 cloud
  • Backend available languages: spanish, dutch, deutsch, english, italian, polish, russian, catalan, french
  • Incremental mysql backup supporting large databases
  • Incremental file system scanning and backup supporting large websites
  • Backup Split option for environments with limited filesize
  • JQuery Start UI
  • Incremental files restore supporting large backups

Backend Features

  • Create full or partial backups based on your input
  • Create simple or compressed backups based on your configuration input
  • Possibility to exclude directory and files from the backup, manually or through cron settings(AJAX powered)
  • Create backups based on a cron task, created backups can be stored on the local server, remotely through ftp or emailed
  • Delete backups older than a certain number of days
  • Ability to manage existing backups, rename/delete/move, publish to user frontend for sharing
  • Possibility to clone any backup to another location, it can be done automatically by using the server functions or manually
  • Configuration area lets you choose on how to generate backups based on your server possibilities
  • You can choose to create backups by  using only PHP, or by also using some server utilities to speed things up

Generating backups through Cron Jobs

  • Create backups at any time with the help of our cron script
  • Store the generated backup locally, through email or a remote ftp location
  • Send the generated backup to the Amazon S3 cloud service
  • Run Multiple cron jobs based on custom configurations
  • Create full or partial backups

Restore Features

  • The generated clone of XCloner can be restored on a totally different server, with new server and mysql details
  • Restore both simple and compressed archives
  • Restore script is independent from the main component and can be run on any host
  • The restore script is located inside the XCloner archive, in directory restore/
  • Full restore of a clone made with XCloner
  • Ability to restore the original files and directories permissions
  • Automatic update of the new host settings to the configuration file
  • Ability to import the clone using either a ftp simulated sessions, or direct restore through php
  • Possibility to exclude database from importing
  • Ability to restore multiple clones to different locations

Compatibility & Requirements

  • PHP 4.3.x or above
  • Joomla 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 2.5.x, 3.x native component
  • Any hosting environment running PHP, 5.2.0 recommended
  • Mysql 5 or above
  • Safe_Mode turned Off
  • Open_basedir set to No Value
  • php.ini max_execution_time set to a higher limit
  • exec() function enabled if you want to use the server utilities mysqldump and tar



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