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Virtuemart One Page Checkout

Products, Checkout, Shopper & Order
48,34 €

One page checkout, as the name shows such carts occupy just a single page, has faster checkout time, anonymous checkout option, and reduced cart abandonment.

VirtueMart MP3 Player

Products, Product
73,64 €

VirtueMart Mp3 player plugin allows customers to listen music trial through audio files with a friendly and powerful flash player.

QuickLook Plugin

Products, Template, Product
51,35 €

Quick look at the product details when browsing on the product listing page. Keeps your Joomla templates as well as current VirtueMart modules safe.

Product Delivery Date

Products, Product
45,42 €

Set delivery date and delivery time/location for your products.

Order Upload Plugin

Products, Product
80,96 €

Let your shoppers upload images or any type of files

Ebay Instant Keyword Search

Products, Template, Product
27,37 €

Instant keyword search Module for your VirtueMart shops

Attachment For VirtueMart

Products, Tools, Product
55,14 €

Attachment for VirtueMart product plugin allows the shop owners to attach multiple files on the product details page.

Ajax Drop Down Cart

Products, Tools, Template
51,08 €

Powerful and user-friendly drop down cart swiftly revealing the products in the cart add-on module for your store.

Advanced VirtueMart Invoices

Products, Back Office, Shopper & Order
64,26 €

Powerful component to create VirtueMart orders, issues PDF invoices, changes invoice layouts...inside VirtueMart admin panel.