Silver Certification

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This is the ticket for a seminar/workshop which certificates the graduates as being trained by the VirtueMart team. You can be listed on the VirtueMart page being a silver certificated partner of VirtueMart 2.

Increase your skills and income - Become a Silver VirtueMart partner

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During the seminar you will be taught how to create your store with the help of the VirtueMart core team:  how to make your store safe and learn many tips and tricks about your online store. During the Silver certification you will also get an advanced VirtueMart 2 API knowledge.

What are the benefits of a Silver certification?

At the end of the seminar, you will receive a Silver certificate that certifies that you attended this seminar and that you have a proven working knowledge of VirtueMart.
You will be allowed to promote your web agency using the Silver certificate in your marketing material.
Furthermore, you are listed as Silver partner on our partner directory. This will translate in helping you increase your profile when potential clients are looking for qualified web agencies or developers.

Who can attend the Silver certification Seminar?

The Silver certification seminar is aimed to

  • Developers who intend to develop VirtueMart extensions
  • Companies that want to train their in-house team

Who is teaching ?

The teacher is the Max Milbers (VirtueMart project leader).

How many students are in the seminars?

12 attendees is the maximum. We want to keep our seminars small to give you the maximum of attention.

How long is the seminar?

The Silver certification last 5 days from 9:00 to 17:00 (including coffe and lunch breaks).

What is the difference between the Bronze certification and the Silver certification?

The 3 first days of the Silver certificate are common with the Bronze certificate. The 2 last days are specific to the Silver, and are aimed for developers. You will learn about the database layout, the plugin system, and the VirtueMart API.

What do I need to bring?

Come with your own computer. We will install together all the software needed to develop a VirtueMart shopsite locally.

What are the prerequisites?

Attendees should have some prior Joomla experience, and some basic knowledge such as how to install Joomla and VirtueMart, or how to use a FTP .

Silver Certification in Madrid, november 2012 with Max Milbers and Valérie Isaksen



Monday, 27 May 2013
Virtuemart 2 is an extrem fast growing e-commerce system with many advantages, compared to others. The core team and many helpers are working hard to improve it day by day, so many changes in the software are normal. To understand all these changes and to understand the full power and flexibility of the features the leader of the core team himself presents clear, helpfull descriptions of all the traps and chances of the software. And what is even more worthy: I came with my special project for a complicate webshop and a lot of question and all problems where solved in the seminar or after the seminar. another nice effect: you get to know other programmers and developers using this e-commerce tool, which helped me a lot in other projects, because now I have some more good partner in my network für projects of my clients. I am just a little bit better integrated in the developement network and always up-to-date. The certification is also helpful to convience my customer, that I am a trusted partner, which is very good for my business.