Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart allows you to have a firm grasp and an exact depiction of what sales you make, who buys most, what your costs per sale are, what is your profitability, how your P&L looks and what your expenses are.
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Subscription 12 months
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Joomla! 3.x
VirtueMart 3
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The most advanced Sales Reporting Component ever found in a CMS!

ASR is designed with the shop owner and businessman in mind!

Advanced Sales Reports for Virtuemart allows you to have a firm grasp and an exact depiction of what sales you make, who buys most, what your costs per sale are, how your P&L looks and what your expenses are.

You are able to enter purchasing cost, advertising for each and every product, running costs and brand advertising costs which are all automatically allocated in each product / sale so that you'll know exactly where your profit comes from and exactly how much it is.
You are able to compare sales per year, per product, per customer, per period of time and even know how much sales tax you are going to have to pay...

Features of the PRO Version

Dashboard with the most important views
Sales report page **with drill-down list per date, order, customer and product
**Customers report page
 with customer id (if registered), name, email, company and drill-down orders list per customer
Products report page with product id, sku, name, total orders with orders list drill-down, total revenue and last purchase date per product
Orders page with a quick view of all orders and ability to export orders or order details to Excel
Stock report page with product id, sku, name, units in stock, value of stock and value on sale per product
Taxes page where you can define whether your shop prices include or not VAT and if not how much is your VAT so that ASR will be able to calculate your VAT per sale

The following pages make ASR PRO unique in VM Reporting:

Costs & Expenses Page

ASR PRO is the only VM sales reports tool that helps you to be profitable on each and every sale.

The component calculates all direct and indirect costs on each and every sale, product, etc so that you, in turn, will be able to see your profitablity per sale, per product, etc:
ASR PRO allows you to enter and store:

The purchasing cost for each product you sell
Advertising costs per product or total brand advertising costs
Your running costs such as utilities, payrol, commissions, etc

ASR PRO makes sure that you'll know which product makes you the most and which not, allowing you to change your commercial policy so that you can be profitable.

Products Analysis Page

This page is the culmination of all the above. In one page you can see all the most important info regarding your profitability. 

Shows Gross Margin, Profit on Sales, allocates direct and indirect costs per product allowing you to have a clear picture on what you make out of each product.

Now, thanks to ASR PRO you can safely calculate and create discount coupons, shopper group discounts, re-engagement discount-coupons or marketing incentives without losing money.

P&L Reports Page

A simple, elegant and easy to read Profit & Loss report so that you can have, at-a-glance, a clear picture of where your business stands.

Excel Exporting is supported for all pages
Joomla 3.6+
Virtuemart 3.0+
PHP 5.6+  
PRO version includes a 6-month subscription for unlimited support & unlimited downloads


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