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Stripe Checkout plugin for VirtueMart allows you to accept payments with the Stripe payment gateway. Joomla 5, Joomla 4, VirtueMart 4.2.+ and PHP 7.4, PHP 8.2+ compatible. Additional payment methods supported.
Stripe plugin for VirtueMart allows you to accept payments with the Stripe payment gateway. The plugin is Joomla 5, Joomla 4, VirtueMart 4.2+ and PHP 7.4, PHP 8.2+ ready. Additional payment methods supported.

VirtueMart Membership - Platin

Support, Renew Discount
298,00 €

Get access to the ecommerce suite and value added. Support the VirtueMart project with a sustaining membership and ensure the safety of your shops by a security maintenance membership. Get a discount of 30% on any iStraxx virtuemart software (excepts support) and relicensing of the membership.


249,99 €

The ShipStation plugin exports your order details from VirtueMart and imports them into ShipStation. It also updates order statuses in VirtueMart as you complete shipments in ShipStation.


The only MailChimp connector fully integrated with Virtuemart. Track your revenues generated by your newsletters and send abandoned carts emails

Manufacturer Slide

Manufacturers, Template
12,90 €

Shows your Manufacturer in a nice slide on a module position.

Map Related Products

Back Office, Tools, Products
22,96 €

Returns origin country of shoppers IP adress. Component for Joomla 2/3

This module shows the shop categories of VirtueMart unlimited. There is no restriction to the folder depth like it is in the standard VM-category module. How deep you construct your categories is indifferent. The module shows the complete menu from the first to the last level. Or you can use a pull-down-navigator-template for fast and elegant selection (instant ajax technology).

Mondial Relay

Shipments, Checkout
59,00 €

For France, Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium. Create your shipments, and print your labels.

The only plugin that allows you to enter custom, multi-lingual texts and images for any kind of availability you might require.

Multiple Images Upload

Tools, Back Office
34,41 €

Upload multiple images in backend at once.

Allow the user to add any donation amount to the price of a product. Can also be used to sell products, where the buyer determines the price.

Notify Product for VM

Products, Template, Shopper & Order
0,00 €

Allows notify another e-mail when the user submit the form to be in product waiting list.

Payment plugin allows you to collect credit card information online to manually process the payment offline.

Order Upload Plugin

Products, Product
80,62 €

Let your shoppers upload images or any type of files

OS Ecofood

Templates, Template
63,36 €

... designed in green fresh colors and can be used for websites selling Organic Food, Vegan Food, Food from Farms and other type of online stores or shops. Quickstart package allows to install Virtuemart template in few minutes and get the same website as on demo.

OS TopShop

Templates, Template
63,36 €

TopShop is responsive Joomla template designed for digital stores, devices and accessories.

OS Writer

Templates, Template
63,36 €

Joomla theme with stunning features for creative portfolio, online library, eCommerce website (VirtueMart 3.0) and blog

Accept recurring paypal payments and subscriptions through your VirtueMart store

Percentage Shipping

Shipments, Checkout
47,46 €

Charge a shipping fee as a percentage of the total sales price

Piwik for VirtueMart2

Statistics, Back Office
35,00 €

Tracks products detail and categories viewed, informations from your cart and on orders.

Charge a shipping fee based on the delivery mileage/distance

Pro Shipment

Shipments, Checkout
30,00 €

Based on rules, GeoIp locator, Spend X € more and get free shipping text. Shipment plugin for VirtueMart

Product Delivery Date

Products, Product
45,22 €

Set delivery date and delivery time/location for your products.

Export CSV product feeds in a large number of formats, or define your own CSV format

Product Presenter

Products, Template, Product
12,90 €

This module helps you to present as many products on as little room as possible

Product Scroller

Products, Promotions, Template, Product
15,00 €

The module displays Featured, Best Sales, Random and Latest products. Designed especially to boost mobile browsing experience. The best way to display selected products from VirtueMart 3.

Product Slide

Products, Template, Product
12,90 €

Shows your products in a nice slide with several display options.

Product Slideshow

Products, Template, Product
12,90 €

An image slideshow combined with product display

Products Anywhere

Products, Template
17,90 €

Plugin to display products in articles. This may be the Joomla articles, K2 posts or in posts of other components.

Size based discounts on custom size products.

Quantity related price calculation

Products, Product, Marketing
59,00 €

Create scalable product quantity based discounts

QuickLook Plugin

Products, Template, Product
51,13 €

Quick look at the product details when browsing on the product listing page. Keeps your Joomla templates as well as current VirtueMart modules safe.


Product, Tools, Back Office, Shoppers
29,00 €

Rawforms enables custom forms by raw input. Modifies the product price on shopper input based on simple code snippet.

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