Add products, give rebates and invite your customers to upgrade based on their purchase behaviour

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Joomla! 2.5 Compatible
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VirtueMart 2.6
VirtueMart 3
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This component will give you the possibility to define 'Bonus rules' based on your customer purchase behavior and invite them to upgrade!

The rules have a lot of parameters that you define whether or not to trigger the rule:

  • products already in the cart
  • cart amount (min and max)
  • number of distinct products in the cart
  • total weight of all items in the cart
  • coupon redeemed
  • parent rule validated

These rules can be filtered to apply only on some specific

  • categories
  • shoppers group
  • manufacturers

Then when the rule is triggered, you can either

  • give a percentage or amount rebate using VirtueMart coupons or AWO Coupons
  • Define a custom price for an existing product (via custom field plugin)
  • add one or several products
  • force product removal
  • display a congrats! message

 bonus valid

When a rule is not yet valid

  • Display an incentive message

bonus upsell

  • Block checkout (usefull if you need to have your customers to buy a combo of products for example)

 bonus checkout

And several more settings

  • Adds a category 'Bonus' unpublished where you can store your bonus products but not display them in your catalog.
  • Optional check stocks. (ie. You can offer the bonus product while some are available or at any time)
  • Optional check minimum order quantities. (ie, if you have it set to 2, you'll need a set of 2 master products to have the bonus product added)
  • Optional check maximum order quantities. (ie, if you have it set to 3 and have a set of 5 master products in cart, only 3 bonus products will be added)
  • Not possible to add the bonus product directly in cart, it will be removed if the master products are not there.
  • There is absolutly no hack to core Joomla or Virtuemart component.
  • Custom and advanced attibutes handling for the bonus items
  • Upsell in customer's cart !
  • Compatible with Virtuemart 2

3 Modules are also Included

 Virtuemart Bonus comes with 3 modules. One Administration module to display a quick icon in your Admin Panel and 2 front end modules.
  • mod_vm_bonus_qicon: Should be displayed in 'icon' position. You can enable the version checker to be alerted when a new version is available.
  • mod_virtuemart_bonus: Will display a list of bonus products that are currently offered on the site.
  • mod_virtuemart_bonus_upsell: Will display the same upsell message as in the shopping cart. 

What you get: this subscription includes 6 months of support and updates.


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