VirtueMart Page Cache Plugin

This plugin creates a cache and speeds up loading of your site for faster loading.
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Joomla! 2.5 Compatible
VirtueMart 2.6
License type: GPL v2
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This is a page cache plugin made for VirtueMart. It speeds up loading of your site from original 200 to 4000ms to under 100ms. This plugin creates a cache (temporary file) of a fully generated page and saves it into cache directory with indexing dimensions for faster loading (language, device type).

Why to use our plugin:

  • simple and uses a very few memory
  • faster compared to competing solutions as it saves cache file AFTER the connection is closed and thus saving lot's of milliseconds on a heavy visited site when loading a non cached page
  • plugin installs as package of two plugins where one plugin is used to load a cached page and the other to save the rendered page

VirtueMart specific support:

  • supports detection of shopper groups of anonymous (unlogged) users and disables caching once non default group is found
  • creates different cache file per device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • uses joomla multilanguage

For proper mobile device detection these 3rd party extensions are supported:

  • yagendoo mobile theme switcher
  • yagendoo mobile plugin detector
  • jtouch plugin
  • RuposTel One Page Checkout

Installation Guide:

  • install with joomla installer
  • proceed to Extensions -> Plugin Manager
  • search for vmcache
  • click on "System - VmCache by"
  • configure mobile or shopper group settings
  • alter the status to "Enabled"
  • IMPORTANT: click save (twice)
  • the double click on save will create a proper order of plugins vmcache and vmcache_last
  • check that both are enabled "System - VmCache by" -> should load as the first plugin with minimum, or negative, "ordering" value and "System - VmCache by This plugin must be loaded as the last one" with the largest possible "ordering" number
  • if you are using "Akeeba Tools" or other Joomla security software, please make sure that vmcache plugins load as first and the last system plugins. If you cannot change the order due to Akeeba Tools silently preventing it, please contact their support.

What this plugin does:

  • saves rendered page after the connection is closed into cache directory
  • loads the cache on the next visit of the same page
  • disables itself once:
    • any user data are entered within the cart or registraton
    • it is disabled for a logged in users
    • it is disabled if there is any pending message to be shown by joomla
    • it is disabled if a non default shopper group is detected (id 1 or 2)
    • it is disabled once any product is in the cart
    • you can confgure custom views or components within the backend for which the cache must be disabled
  • saves files into /cache/vmcache_en-GB_desktop/ where you can see if it works properly per your languages or device types
  • disabled for any non default page view such as for ajax calls or raw format display

What this plugin does NOT do:

  • plugin is not a javascript compression plugin, because we believe that javascript compression by php is highly ineffective and despite google speed recommendations, it causes more troubles on complex sites like Joomla than it solves. You should rather modify and load static files that load usually under 3ms on server's localhost then to use php processor to create them (which usually loads in 20 to 30ms on server's localhosts)
  • plugin is not a CSS compression plugin
  • for both CSS and Javascript compresson we recommend tools that load static files such as mod_rewrite to already existing compressed version of a javascript or css file. None of the effective javascript or css compression solutions are based on php and we discourage you to use php for such work.


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