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This is new revolutionary extension for Virtuemart.

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart

Statistics, Orders, Shoppers, Tools
49,00 €

Advanced Sales Reports PRO for Virtuemart allows you to have a firm grasp and an exact depiction of what sales you make, who buys most, what your costs per sale are, what is your profitability, how your P&L looks and what your expenses are.

The only plugin that allows you to enter custom, multi-lingual texts and images for any kind of availability you might require.

EV Security Watch

Tools, Back Office
46,15 €

Keep an eye on your visitors. Who is Good, who is Bad. Keep the bad guys away.

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Shoppers, Orders, Tools, Checkout, Shopper & Order
19,00 €

Localise your shoppers to virtuemart. The country is prefilled in the checkout process. Prices display directly country depended taxes.

Bundle MOSS Tax + VM Localise + Geolocator

Products, Orders, Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order, Checkout
29,80 €

Mini One Stop Shop taxes for EU. In case you want to export services within the EU you need this component to easily manage your European Vat rules

Ajax Drop Down Cart

Products, Tools, Template
51,67 €

Powerful and user-friendly drop down cart swiftly revealing the products in the cart add-on module for your store.

Attachment For VirtueMart

Products, Tools, Product
55,78 €

Attachment for VirtueMart product plugin allows the shop owners to attach multiple files on the product details page.

Customers Who Bought

Promotions, Tools, Marketing
45,71 €

Analogue to the famous trick ‘customers who bought this also bought…’.

Shopper switcher

Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Checkout, Shopper & Order
19,90 €

Simulates being logged in as other user. Extend your VirtueMart with ability to change your shoppers.

Multiple Images Upload

Tools, Back Office
34,31 €

Upload multiple images in backend at once.

Joomla 4.x Plugin to Login by Email Address

Shoppers, Tools, Shopper & Order
22,48 €

Allows login with email as well as with username

Language Manager for Virtuemart

Tools, Back Office, Product
36,38 €

Easily manage your Virtuemart translatable fields (name, description...)

Returns origin country of shoppers IP adress. Component for Joomla 2/3

Speed Up VirtueMart

Tools, Back Office
47,32 €

After great success of our wishlist extension, we are glad to announce SpeedBooster for VirtueMart.

Map Related Products

Back Office, Tools, Products
23,32 €

Stock handle

Products, Tools, Back Office
18,66 €

Handle individual products stock when a gift basket is purchased


VirtueMart plugin to automatically subscribe buyers to certain AcyMailing Lists, and to allow subscription to notifications on the product page.

Professional Backup Application for PHP/Mysql websites.


Promotions, Shoppers, Tools, Back Office, Shopper & Order
0,00 €

Make Your Customers Happy Again - Youstice’s new-generation online tool delivers fast and fair solutions to customer complaints.