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Our Package size plugin allows your customer to enter the size of a product and the plugin automatically suggests the amount of product units to be added to cart. You can configure the size of the certain product package using custom fields. For each product you can define unique settings for minimum and maximum values, predefine unit and define number of decimals. It can be used for each kind of prepacked products as flooring packs, wallpaper, screw packs, electronic component packs and much more.

Imagine you sell flooring, your shopper is going to buy certain amount of prepacked parquet packages. The shopper knows how many squarefoot he requires, so he just enters the total size. The plugin calculates the roundup amount of packages based on the given size and the product setting within each package. The amount is updated dynamically.


  1. Install the plugin with the Joomla Extension Manager
  2. Browse Joomla extensions > Manage, filter by name iStraxx Quantity Package or filter by type: vmcustom
  3. Enable the iStraxx Quantity Package by size plugin


  1. Browse to Components > VirtueMart
  2. Select the menu Products > Custom Fields
  3. Click on the button New
  4. Select for the field Custom Field Type: Plug-ins
  5. Enter a Title
  6. For the field Select a plug-in: select from dropdown VM - Custom, iStraxx Quantity Package by size
    1. Define the package size - enter the size in units (e.g. if your pack contains 3.500 pieces enter 3500)
    2. Restrict width of input - set the input field size (e.g. 10)
    3. Set unit - your unit to be used to display (e.g. inch, m², sqf, pieces)
    4. Set minimum and maximum values to be accepted for calculation as input
    5. Set number of decimals - set precision in amount of digits used, for 1.12 use value 2; for 1.123 use value 3 a.s.o.

  7. Click on Save

package size custom proto defaults 


  1. Browse product details page
  2. Select tab customfields on the right
  3. Add the Package size customfield by selecting the item from the dropdown list
    package size product customfield
  4. Change settings in case this certain products requires different config then default
  5. Save & Browse product details frontend
  6. Test it

package size product frontend

Hint: Follow the VirtueMart standarts, precreate customfield prototypes as customfield masks for different types of products. Add customfield mask to product patterns to achieve best performance when presenting a lot of similar products with little differences in detail.

See what it does at package size demo page


Q: The calculation result is completely wrong, what shall I do?
A: Check number of decimals settings - if it is empty the plugin will assume zero digits, enter the amount of digits that are used for calculation, in metric system 2 is a common value

Q: The calculation is still completely wrong, what shall I do?
A: Please submit a support ticket, please provide your settings and numbers used for testing, most common reason is the used value.

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