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Advanced Custom fields for VirtueMart
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Advanced Custom fields for Virtuemart. Create any kind of custom field and display it in various ways. The plugin can be used either for cart attribute (selectable) or for non cart attribute (static features) custom fields.


Assign to your products any kind of custom field

Assign to your products fields such as colors, integer or decimal numbers and strings/texts. The assignment process is easy and fast.

data types productform

Various Display Types

Display your custom fields as:

  • Color Buttons (single or multi select)
  • Buttons (single or multi select)
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down lists
  • Radio Buttons
display types3

Set inventory to your variations

Use it together with our Stockable Customfields plug-in and set stock/inventory to your variations. This plug-in is free!


Manage all the existing options from 1 point

Get tired of editing multiple products, just to edit a common between them custom value ?

You can manage (update,delete,order) all the custom field values from 1 point, affecting all the products where they are assigned.

customfield form2

Use your custom fields as Filters

Filter your products using your custom fields with our
Custom Filters extension.

Filters generated by these custom filelds work much faster than those generated by the Virtuemart's native custom field types. Also you can have additional display types such as color buttons

customfields to filters

More Features

  • Fields can be set as "required". In this case the user is prompted to select an option if they left empty. Otherwise he cannot add the product to the cart.
  • All the fields and their options can be translated.
  • The prices assigned to the custom values can be displayed in various ways (inline, tooltip) or not displayed at all.
  • Supported by CSVI for massive creaton and insertion of custom fields.


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