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Order Number plugin

The most flexible and complete solution for your VirtueMart webshop to customize your order, invoice and customer numbers and the order passwords!
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Endless possibilities to have order/invoice numbers the way YOU like

Whether you want simple order/invoice numbers with a prefix, or whether you want the invoice number to match the order number, or whether you eveopen-tools plg vmshopper ordernumber order plugin for VirtueMartn want separate number counters for each country or even customer, OpenTools Advanced Order Numbers for VirtueMart is the solution you need!

While the order/invoice numbers might be just a nuissance to your users, using clean, professional numberings will give your customers the assurance that they are dealing with professionals - the small, subtle details are the difference between a good shop and an excellent shop. Rather than showing confusing order numbers like 0b4c011 in VirtueMart's default format, use a clean numbering scheme like "2015-011" or "INV-01/0023"!

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Easy configuration, yet powerful features

Key features of this module:

  • Freely customize order numbers, invoice numbers, customer numbers and/or order passwords to your desires!
  • Number format is given as an ordinary string that can contain a vast number of variables (date/time, order properties, customer properties, address, and even random numbers or letters) and a counter
  • Customizable counter resets, multiple parallel counters: Counter can be global (one counter for all orders or invoices) with no reset, or yearly/monthly/daily counters, or even more general counter resets. You can even have multiple counters running concurrently (e.g. one counter per country, or different counters and thus different order/invoice numbers for wholesale and retail customers).
  • Alternatively, you can re-use the order number as invoice numbers, too (in some jurisdictions this might be problematic, because the order numbers can have gaps!)
  • Counter formatting: In addition to the number format, you can choose the padding of the counters with zeros on the left (e.g. a counter with value 35 can be displayed as 000035 inside the number format)
  • Manually set/change your counters in the module configuration
  • Define your own custom variables for use in the number formats (requires additional extensions).

Fully configurable

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Tuesday, 06 August 2013
Just does what it says. Easy to configure and to use. 1 word instead of 100 would be enough:


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